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The Doghouse Sanctuary

1)Review added by Paul (12-10-2010)
I would just like to give an update on two rottweiller dogs we got in july 2009. They are now nearing 1 and a half years old and weighing in at 10 each!! I feel though due to the sanctuary's intervention and training and socialising in our dogs early days has contributed to thier placid temperments and they are such a pleasure and a gift to have as pets. Our dogs were rescued by the sanctuary from owners that mistreated them and thank god there was intervention to save them. They now our both very happy and well behaved dogs that I wouldnt swap for the world so thank you guys for not only making the lifes of the animals better but for also making mine better so my love and best wishes to you all and hope you be very successful in your business and committments

Paul - Nothern Ireland

2)Review added by Deborah Neill (31-12-2009)
I would like to say thank you to the Doghouse Sanctuary for the beautiful wee black lab x I got yesterday he is just amazing and so well behaved. We decided to name him Conan as it means wise and brave. He has just fitted in so well and we are so pleased that we decided to get a rescue pup and we will cherish him forever. Thank you both again so much.
3)Review added by Heather Perry (27-07-2009)
I got my dog from the sanctuary about a yr and a half ago. he's a jack russell lab x and had been born in a brown bin. he's a great little dog and had obviously been well cared for by the sanctuary. we r so glad we adopted him
4)Review added by Paul (09-07-2009)
I would like to thank Gary and his family so much for the joy they have given us.
I recently went to Garys kennels to see a rottweiller pup but when i seen the two pups (aged 14 wks) I was amazed with how relaxed and happy the dogs were their environment. I was so pleased by this I took both the male rottys home with me and their settling inn to their new home so well which is due to their handling they received from a young age by Gary his wife, and their children.
I really would like to thank all of them and wish him all the best with their business, which is so professionally and passionately run.
Well Done, and good luck for the future!!
5)Review added by sarah (15-06-2009)
hello auntie. . .i love your dogs!!
6)Review added by Karen Brookes (05-06-2009)
Such a shame they have no yet bothered to update this service. Last update was NOV last year ;(
7)Review added by binky and sid (14-12-2008)
Hi Gillian and Gary, just wanted to wish you both the best of luck on the new shop opening. "The old Centra on the Castlewellan Road." We hope it helps you raise all the nessessary funds you badly need to get your pet ambulance on the road. Good luck. XXX
8)Review added by Joe Center (18-10-2008)
Well done Gillian & Gary, your kennels are excellent and I know that the dogs are very well looked after.
Keep up the good work
Joe Center
9)Review added by Leanne Anderson (11-10-2008)
I am just so thankful I found The Dog Santuary. Both Gary & Gillian are great people. I had to take a very hard decision and have my wee dog put to sleep. He was a great friend to me but unfortunately he hated everyone else and after biting my dog groomer and snapping at 2 of my boys I realised the time had come. After crying solid for hours I knew I had to search for another companion. I just felt awful and knew I needed to fill the gap. After searching for hours and talking to numerous "animal shelters", vets and pet shops I got the name of The Dog Sanctuary. I called and spoke to Gary and he really understood. Even though we had to go down late in the evening he was still happy enough for myself, my husband and all 3 boys to go and see a Beagle X he'd just got in 2 days previous. As soon as I saw her wee face I knew she was the one for me. She's just so adorable and has fitted into our mad house like a glove! Our other dog, a Great Dane, loves her. He pined for my other wee dog for a few days but seems to be really happy with our choice. We've named her Bailey and as I have 3 sons and no girls in our house, except me, we're having everything pink! A pink collar, pink lead, black velvet bed with pink spots...she's even got a black & pink handbag chew toy! I am so grateful to Gary & Gillian for their welcoming spirit and very easy going, relaxed and very friendly atmosphere. It made such a lovely change from the various other places I contacted. I'm a real animal lover and now our house is complete once again...2 fish, 2 cats, 2 dogs and a hamster! Thanks for everything guys and I wish you well with the charity.

http://The Doghouse Sanctuary
10)Review added by Josh Morrison (16-07-2008)
I was lucky enough to find my perfect new friend thanks to the Dog Sanctuary. I got a beautiful little Springer pup and lots and lots of advice and help. I really can't praise the owners of the sanctuary enough, they are so nice, friendly and above all sooooo helpful !!!

http://The Dog Sanctuary
11)Review added by Alan Stevenson (10-07-2008)
If you are thinking of giving a dog a home then look no further than the Doghouse Sanctuary. The owners Gary & Gillian have a superb down to earth approach & a wonderfully caring attitude towards their dogs. Unlike some other so-called "animal welfare" organistaions, these folks have their priorities right; they actually put the animal's welfare first!!
Keep up the good work folks, you should be commended for the job you do, and we will certainly be recommending you to anyone we come across who is thinking (as we were recently) of re-homing a dog. Our little Staffy is fantastic and its unbelievable to think that but for the Doghouse Sanctuary, she might have been put down, so a big thank you from her as well as all of us!!
If, like me, you have ever wondered why there is a need for animal rescue centres/sanctuaries, when a relatively small country like N.Ireland has the USPCA, I can enlighten you.
In our search to re-home a dog, we have had first hand experience of both the USPCA and the Doghouse Sanctuary; the contrast between the two is like night and day. On one hand a large, Province-wide, heavily funded charity, who talk a good game, and constantly through their chief executive, pontificate about animal welfare/rights; on the other hand a small family operation running on a shoe-string.
One keeps its animals in conditions that would horrify most self-respecting animal lovers, and in my experience does not put animal welfare first; the other has limited space & funds, but makes the most of it & keeps its dogs in a loving, caring and supportive environment, ensuring they get the chance they deserve.
If you dont believe me, then go and see for yourself, but take it from me, one 'Talks the talk', while the other gets on with 'walking the walk'. I know which one I will be supporting in the future, and I would recommend that anyone who reads this follows suit and supports the Doghouse Sanctuary.
12)Review added by Lucy Shiells (03-07-2008)
To me, the doghouse sanctuary screams 'inspiration' .The people and the processes behind the successful rehoming of animals should make us all take a good look at ourselves! Gillian, Gary and their lovely family are so committed to helping distressed and needy animals, and its wonderful to see how they progress in strength and character after only a few days!! Do your bit and donate!! :)
13)Review added by Lauren (02-07-2008)
The Doghouse Sanctuary is a great rescue centre where dogs are well looked after and cared for. These dogs which otherwise would have been put to sleep are taken in, fed and watered and given any treatment required to bring them back to full health then rehomed to suitable families. The owners Gary and Gillian are very helpfull both in choosing which dog is most suited to your environment and advice on looking after your dog.
We have got two dogs from here within the last 12 months and would recommend it highly because of further treatments they gave our dogs and advice on vetinary services and such like topics
14)Review added by Lorraine (22-05-2008)
Gillian, you are really fantastic. We got a lovely little female dog from you some months ago - we named her Lady - she is doing so well and is such a beautiful girl - so thank you very much.

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